Thank your guides by tipping!  Industry standard is 10%-30%.  Gratuities for your guides ARE NOT included in the price of your tour. Unless you want to tip your guides separately they will split tips.  Please tip your guides at your discretion based on their professionalism, care and service.

How much should i tip my guides?

rental deposit

All RENTALS require a $650.00 refundable deposit with credit card.

Guide packages

Want to enjoy the beautiful Pikes Peak region with the experience and safety of one of our certified guides? You will never feel rushed, all our tours are a minimum of 4hrs. This includes setup, delivery, tour, safety gear and we do all the cleaning! Or rent our ATV's and enjoy the ride with you, your friends and family, no guide.

Single Rider - $199.00

Two Up - $249.00

Call for information on non-guided tours



about us

Rockhound ATV Rentals and Sales is located in the heart of Colorado's beautiful Pike's Peak Region. Our mission is to help others responsibly enjoy the wonderful natural resources which abound in the area. Rent one of our top-of-the-line ATV's and treat yourself to a day in the pines, with a chance to see the BEST Colorado views and wildlife.  Rockhound ATV operates under a special use permit from the Pike National Forest and is an equal opportunity provider and employer.